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Horror and Gaming: How Marketing Fear Makes Money

The video game industry is larger than the sports and movie industry combined, a statistic that sounds unbelievable but is true. Demand for video games and online play has surged in recent years, climbing 20% in 2020 to reach $179.7 billion. Therefore, having a popular game offers the potential to bring in serious profits, with […]Read More

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Love Horror Laughs

Watching gruelling gore and hardcore horror everyday day some times we need a break and a laugh here at Love Horror. Below are just some of the gags, jokes and parodies we have come up with over the years collected together. We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoyed making them.Read More

Horror Features

Girls’ Night In: Horror At Home

Fans of horror fiction tend to get some of their best thrills at the cinema. You can find scary stories anywhere—in books, online, in games, on television, etc.—but there’s nothing quite like being in a crowded cinema full of like-minded viewers waiting to be spooked by a film no one’s seen yet.Read More