Youtube’s Top 5 Gory Horror Moments

In case you didn’t know already, Love Horror has been taking part in a Gore-A-Thon this week with a bunch of other great horror sites.

I was asked to come up with something Top 5 Gory Horror Momentsengaging to write about as part of this and it wasn’t an easy task – Because I had too many great ideas!

After much deliberation I decided that an awesome way to start would be to scour the massive video archive that is Youtube and see just how much gore, blood and bloody carnage I could find. And surprisingly there was lots, and much of it was kinda unrestricted, which was a bit worrying. But welcome to the world of the internet eh?

So here’s my Top 5 Gory Horror Moments…

In case it isn’t obvious, the following clips are not suitable for minors and by watching the clips you’re agreeing that you are over the age of 18.

Top 5 Gory Horror Moments

Dead Alive [Brain Dead] (1992). The Lawnmower Scene

This scene was mentioned in our recent review of the film. To this day, it still stands as one of the most extreme scenes in horror.

Hostel (2005). The Eyeball scene

Hostel was a pretty sick ride in general, but this eyeball scene stands out in my mind. The action kicks of 35 seconds in.

Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979). The Eyeball Scene

There’s something particularly bad about eyeball gore, which is probably why we have two scenes involving eyeballs in the list. This slow and lingering bit of torture is a classic, never to be forgotten.

Evil Dead (2013). Chainsaw Scene

It was really hard to choose a favourite gore scene from the Evil Dead films as there are just too many. However, I have (controversially) chosen a clip from the most recent film, the 2013 reboot. It’s arguably more ‘real’ than the scenes in the older films.

Hatchet (2006). Head split.

Again, it’s hard to choose one scene from the Hatchet films, but here’s one I found that involves two equally horrible kills. Victor Crowley is a badass.

So there you have it. 5 hideously gory scenes and all found with a few simple clicks of a mouse button.
No doubt there will be sequels to this post as there really is too much too choose from. Why not recommend your favourites below?



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