The essence of Halloween himself, Jack-o-Lantern may have a pumpkin for a head but it is a vegetable noggin filled with horror movie knowledge which he utilises to critique any offerings we put before him... More


Mega Shark in Malibu (2009)

A boardroom somewhere in LA. Present are The Boss, (a cigar chomping, cocaine snorting relic of the 1980s, pin stripe suit, Oakley sunglasses, hair slicked back into a pony tail) David Lister, (The Boss’ South African nephew, a blind film school graduate) Keith Shaw (hack writer extraordinaire) and Smyth (the office lackey).Read More


Big Tits Zombie (2010)

Every now and again a movie is made that is so abundantly mental, so skull bludgeoning in its sheer depth of illogic, that you instinctively know there is but one nation that could have birthed the mutant freak and brought it kicking and screaming out of said nation’s B-Movie nether regions – and on to […]Read More