Help in Hell – Interview with Survival Expert Thomas Schorr-Kon

HellWith the release of post-apocalyptic German horror Hell this week, we thought it was time that we at LoveHorror found out how to survive in the event of an Armageddon, seeing as how it could just be around the corner.
Luckily, survival expert Thomas Schorr-Kon founder of Trackways Survival School was on hand to answer our questions and prepare us for the last days.

Thomas has been trained by the renowned Medicine Tracker Tom Brown Jr. over the past 13 years and was previously involved in teaching Ancient English woodland crafts from 1992. He has also trained with other indigenous people and medicine teachers. He has also trained as a martial artist since the age of 8. Thomas says at Trackways “The approach that is taught is one of moving towards oneness with nature. To ultimately be able to survive with no modern tools or equipment.”

LoveHorror: Do you think we have all become too reliant on technology and lost our basic skills for survival?
Thomas Schorr-Kon: The part that technology plays in our general disconnection from nature is not to be underestimated, but there is a culture of fear around nature that prevents us from making a good connection. There are also particular ways of connecting that are age old that bring us closer to nature even in the middle of the city. I consider anyone who does not know where to find food, make shelter find and purify water etc.. to technically be lost. The question is how do we want to live? Do we want to feel fully alive or just be surviving

LoveHorror: What are the main risk factors when trying to survive in the wild?
Thomas Schorr-Kon: Exposure is the main risk, But lack of knowledge which leads to panic is perhaps the most dangerous thing.


LoveHorror: What are the key pieces of equipment we should all carry in case of an extinction level event occurring?
Thomas Schorr-Kon: The more you know the less you need to carry. A knife is the primary tool of survival, then something to purify water with and then a means of fire lighting. The clothes you stand up in might also make all the difference. Natural fabrics like (merino) wool and silk keep their thermal value when wet. Where as cotton does not.

LoveHorror: What are the top factors that will kill a person out in the elements apart from cannibals obviously?
Thomas Schorr-Kon: Many ancient tribes used psychotropic plants to learn about themselves and their environments. Iawasca is still used in this way in Peru. Where the jungle is a very real wilderness environment. These teaching plants were not taken in a recreational way but with a recognised spiritual elder.

I don’t advocate this but think the real dangers of climate, terrain, wild creatures and knowledge or lack of it are all tempered by attitude. With the right attitude all things are possible. So the greatest danger is ones own fear.

LoveHorror: If you where in a post-apocalyptic world like the one in Hell where water is in short supply where is the best place to look for it?
Thomas Schorr-Kon: There are many places to look. Water runs under ground so digging for ground water is a good idea. A solar still would work where there is a lot of sunlight to purify contaminated water. Trees are a good source of water either tapping them in the spring or putting a plastic bag round the leaves at night when they aspire and collecting water this way. Dew is a great source of distilled water so getting up early to collect dew from rocks or grasses would be good too. In a survival situation rain is also a good source of water.

LoveHorror: How ready are you for the apocalypse?
Thomas Schorr-Kon: Firstly I dont expect there to be an apocalypse. But I have the skills to survive and show other how, I have the mental attitude of adapting to circumstances and I hope the emotional strength to be able to act in the face of extreme difficulty.


LoveHorror: Do you watch horror films and disaster movies and spend the whole time pointing out what the characters are doing wrong?
Thomas Schorr-Kon: Yes.

LoveHorror: And finally what is a worse case survival scenario an earth ravaged by heat devoid of water, another ice age or zombies?
Thomas Schorr-Kon: I actually think heat or ice because any extreme change will make most people act in unpredictable ways. And we have all watched enough zombie movies to know how to deal with them.

Hell is out now and Thomas Schorr-Kon works for Trackways and you can find out more about learning the keys for survival right Here


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