Interview with Jemma Dallender from The Mirror

JDbigSecond in our interviews for The Mirror is Jemma Dallender a girl who is slowly but surely making her name in horror with standout performances in Community and I Spit on your Grave 2.

Interview with Jemma Dallender

We chatted to her once before right Here and this time we ask all about playing Jemma in the brand new British found footage frightener The Mirror.

How did you get involved with The Mirror?

I auditioned for the part of Jemma by telling a made ghost story about a spirit that came to visit me and my Grandmother.

The Mirror is based on a true story of an eBay auction of a haunted mirror. Did you get a chance to see the mirror or talk to the guys involved and what did you think of their story and their evidence?

Although I never saw the actual ‘mirror’ (I believe it had been sold by that point), Nate (Fallows, ’Steve’), Josh (Dickinson, ‘Matt’) and I got to meet the guys with the original story. I wanted to think they had made it up because I don’t believe in that sort of thing but they were surprisingly convincing! There were a lot of little details which lead me to believe it was possible their mirror was in fact haunted.

How would you describe the character you play and the terrifying experience they go through?

My character is called Jemma. She is the girlfriend of Matt (Joshua Dickinson). She is very head strong and at first doesn’t take the whole thing very seriously, she is the sceptic in the group. As things progress she becomes more and more convinced it could be the mirror but she finds it hard to accept. She starts to take a strong dislike to the mirror as she notices her boyfriend and friends behaviour changing right in front of her eyes. She isn’t truly convinced of the mirror’s capabilities until the very end when she herself succumbs to the mirror’s terrifying ways.

There are only three main characters in the whole film, how did you get along with your fellow cast members and what was it like filming predominantly in one location with them on every shot?

All the cast members got on really well, in fact we are all still in touch!mirror2

What where the challenges you found in making a found footage film?

I think that’s more of a question for Ed to be honest, he was the brains behind the operation.

The film premiered at FrightFest did you enjoy the horror festival?

I actually was unable to attend this year! However I have been the two previous years and loved it.

Do you believe in the paranormal and has anything supernatural ever happened to you?

I’m still undecided. Nothing has happened to me as of yet.

What is your favorite horror film and why?

There’s just too many! I usually prefer ones that are more unusual such as “The Tale of two sisters” directed by Kim Jee-Woon.

What’s next for you?

There’s a couple of films in the pipeline for later on this year, one being “A Sexual Thriller”. It’s the story of a brave, sexy young operative for a secret, Black Bag operation run by the CIA tires of killing for her superiors and goes into business for herself, exacting revenge on the parties responsible for the death of her fiancé. I’m playing the part of ‘Michelle’, a fellow CIA agent assigned to help Alexandra catch her fiancés killers. I will also be filming another British horror film later in the year. I can’t give too much away on that one yet unfortunately!

And lastly if you came back trapped as a spirit in a haunted mirror where would you want to be hung and who would you want to haunt?

I’m not sure that I’d like to haunt anyone, especially after hearing the stories of how scary it can be!

Read our interview with Joshua Dickinson Here and look out for our interviews with Nate Fallows and writer and director Ed Boase in the next few days and check out the trailer below:


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