Marvel Characters straight out of a Horror Movie Part 3

What would make super hero movies more interesting? More horror! I agree and it turns out we don’t have to go far to find some either just take a look at some of these crazy characters straight out of Marvel comic books we managed to uncover.

From demons to witches, psychopaths to aliens, classic monsters to crazy creations our list is divided into 4 Parts for easy consumption. Packed with hideous heroes and violent villains in various categories from the wickedly well known to the ominously obscure this list will hopefully inspire you to pick up a comic or graphic novel to learn more about the characters many of which are a lot less family friendly on the printed page than the silver screen we can promise.

Characters you might know:

Ghost Rider

Real Name: Johnathon “Johnny” Blaze

Aliases: Brimstone Biker, Spirit of Vengeance

Hero, villain or both? Hero

Brief Bio: John Blaze was born with bikes in his blood as his parents starred in a stunt show as part of a traveling carnival. As well as growing up with a love of motorcycles, speed and danger he also unfortunately inherited a family curse which transformed the first born of every generation into the demon Zarathos. Although protected from the transformation at first Johnny ended up making a deal with the devil aka Mephisto to save someone dear to him and so Blaze and Zarathos merged to become Ghost Rider.

Powers & Paraphernalia: “Ghost Rider has superhuman strength and durability, as well as the ability to project and control Hellfire, which can sear the soul as well as burn the flesh. He can shape his Hellfire into a mystical motorcycle capable of traveling over water and up vertical surfaces. He is also immune to any mystical attacks that are specific to beings with living souls. When Blaze becomes the Ghost Rider he has complete control over a Hellfire Enchanted Chain which is nigh-indestructible.” From

Height: 5’10” (Blaze), 6’2″ (Ghost Rider) Weight 180 lbs. (Blaze), 220 lbs. (Ghost Rider)

First Comic Appearance: Marvel Spotlight #5 (1972)

Random Fact: Ghost Rider teamed up with Black Widow, X-Men’s Angel and Iceman and the Greek god Hercules to form the Champions of Los Angeles who purported to be the ‘heroes for the common man’ although how that’s possible with that insane line up I have no idea.

Films and TV Appearances: Aside from the 2 films Ghost Rider (2007) and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012), which both feature the fantastic Nic Cage as Blaze and the flamed haired horror hero the character recently appeared in Season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where Gabriel Luna played the Robbie Reyes incarnation of the demon driving a car instead of a bike.

Characters you might not:


Real Name: Mephisto

Aliases: Satan; Mephistopheles, Lord of Evil, Prince of Devils, Prince of Lies, Lord of the Lower Depths, Satan, Beelzebub, the Devil, Maya, Lucifer, Nick Scratch, the Friend, Legion, numerous others.

Hero, villain or both? Villain

Brief Bio: As you can tell from the many aliases above Mephisto is the ruler of Hell or Hades in the Marvel Universe which are not to be confused with the Biblical Hell nor Olympian Hades obviously! That said Mephisto has impersonated the Devil from the Bible and shares the same love of striking deceptive bargains for the souls of mortals and super powered individuals alike especially those that are very powerful or very pure. Having locked horns with everyone from The Fantastic Four to Daredevil, The Avengers to the X-Men Mephisto is always popping up when you least expect to offer you a deal you will most definitely regret.

Powers & Paraphernalia: “An immensely powerful supernatural entity, Mephisto wields mystical energy for effects such as force blasts, matter manipulation, astral projection, interdimensional portals, illusion-casting and shape-shifting (his true form is unknown). Mephisto can capture the souls of recently deceased humans, though this usually applies only to beings who bargain away their souls to him. “From

Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown

First Comic Appearance: Silver Surfer #3 (1968)

Random Fact: According to Wikipedia in one story where he battled Thor, he was shown to have various historical villains in his realm, such as Adolf Hitler, Blackbeard, and Attila the Hun. I wonder how they all got on?

Films and TV Appearances: Mephisto actually appeared in both Ghost Rider movies as Mephistopheles the first time round played by Easy Rider’s Peter Fonda a genius piece of casting given his biker credentials .


Real Name: Blackheart

Aliases: Lord Blackheart, Black King, Voice

Hero, villain or both? Villain

Brief Bio: The area known as Christ’s Crown in New York was so saturated in evil that Mephisto decided to create a so called son from all the wrong doings accumulated there and thus Blackheart was born. Tutored by his father in everything evil he tried and failed to corrupt Daredevil and Spiderman and later rebelled against his father seeking anti-heroes who walked the grey area between good and bad to join him and find a new form of evil. The trio he attempted to recruit where Wolverine, the Punisher and the Ghost Rider so you can probably guess how well that went.

Powers & Paraphernalia: “Blackheart can regenerate from most physical harm; levitate; extra-dimensional teleportation; change the size and physical form of himself and willing others; generate concussive blasts of black energy; and survive without food, water, or sleep. Though he can assume human form, Blackheart usually appears as a black spine-covered humanoid with a long tail. He smells unpleasantly of burning ink and roses, and has no discernible heartbeat. He likely possesses further unrevealed abilities.” From

Height: Variable Weight: Variable

First Comic Appearance: Daredevil #270 (1989)

Random Fact: At one point in the comics Blackheart apparently destroyed his dad Mephisto, banishing him from Hell and taking the thrown for himself. At least they kept it in the family!

Films and TV Appearances: Another character in the first Ghost Rider film Blackheart played by Wes Bentley looks very different to his comic book incarnation although we do see his demonic form from time to time in the movie.


Real Name: Theodore “Ted” Sallis

Aliases: K’ad-Mon of the Fallen Stars, the Man of Lineage, the Swamp God, the Keeper of Illusion

Hero, villain or both? Anti-hero

Brief Bio: Theodore “Ted” Sallis was once a bookish biochemistry professor at Empire State University however the United States Army enlisted him to create a serum which granted immunity to all known toxics used in bio-chemical warfare. His experiment worked however the side effects transformed people into monsters and when it was adapted to recreate the super serum that granted Captain America his powers it caught the eye of some evil organisations who would do anything to get their hands on it. To prevent this from happening Ted injected the only existing sample into himself just before his car crashed into a swamp that unbeknownst to him contained magical energies. Ted was transformed into the hideous creature known as the Man-Thing and an Eco warrior anti-hero was created.

Powers & Paraphernalia: “The Man-Thing can lift 1000 lbs. and is very durable. Punches or projectiles tend to pass entirely through him or lodge harmlessly in the porous muck of his body. Even after losing much of his physical mass, his body will rebuild itself, drawing new material as needed from the surrounding swamp. Similarly, he can ooze through or around openings or barriers, such as wire mesh or steel bars. The Man-Thing is extremely sensitive to emotion, which can affect his behaviour and physiology… Violent emotions, such as fear, anger, and hatred, cause him extreme discomfort, often provoking him to attack. Fear in particular causes him to secrete a chemical similar to fuming sulfuric acid, such that whatever knows fear burns at the touch of the Man-Thing.” From

Height: 7′ Weight: 500 lbs.

First Comic Appearance: Savage Tales Vol. 1 #1 (1971)

Random Fact: Man-Thing once journeyed to the Himalayas, where he encountered a Yeti race descended from Cro-Magnons and beat them up I guess.

Films and TV Appearances: Surprisingly in 2005 an Australian-American adaptation of Man-Thing appeared directed by Brett Leonard the guy who made The Lawnmower Man. Sadly but unsurprisingly it is terrible so let’s hope someone is working on a reboot right now.

Lilith, Dracula’s Daughter

Real Name: Lilith Drake (for legal purposes)

Aliases: None

Hero, villain or both? Villain

Brief Bio: Born in the 15th Century Lilith’s mother was a Hungarian noblewoman named Zofia and her father surprise surprise was the Prince of Darkness himself Vlad Dracula before he was empowered. Abused and unloved the prearranged marriage ended after Dracula banished mother and daughter and Zofi killed herself leaving Lilith to be raised by a gypsy named Gretchin. Many years passed and the now vampriric Dracula murdered Gretchin’s son and desperate for revenge the wizened old woman transformed her charge into an adult vampire giving her the power to torment her fearsome father for ever more.

Powers & Paraphernalia: “Lilith has traditional vampire-powers, to a higher degree than most, lacking most traditional limitations. She has superhuman physical abilities, and can mesmerize others with a glance, transform partially or fully into a bat or mist, control the weather, and command animals such as rats, bats, and wolves… Her spirit can enter an innocent woman who hates her father, transforming that body to mirror her own. Lilith enjoys but is not required to drink blood. She controls those who survive her bite; those who die arise in three days as conventional vampires.” From

Height: 6′ Weight: 125 lbs.

First Comic Appearance: Giant-Size Chillers #1 (1974)

Random Fact: According to Lilith “recovers instantly from most other wounds (even surviving dismemberment), and her spirit will return as long as Dracula exists; however, Lilith is magically unable to kill Dracula directly” which is a bummer!

Films and TV Appearances: Films and TV Appearances: None to mention – yet!

Marvel’s version of a classic monster:


Real Name: Vlad Tepes Dracula

Aliases: Count Dracula, the Devil, Dr. Vlad, Dragon, Drake, Justin Drake, Father Death, the Impaler, Kaziglu Bey/Impaler Prince, Prince of Darkness, Vladimir Tepesch, and Lord of the Damned, Undead, and Vampires

Hero, villain or both? Villain

Brief Bio: According to Marvel Dracula’s story begins in 18,500 B.C but didn’t get interesting till A.D. 1430 when Vlad was born. After siring Lilith and chucking her and her mother out Vlad grew in power and status as a great warrior and ruler in Transylvania. Defeated by a warlord who sparred him hoping to seize control of his land Vlad was resurrected after destroying a false vampire lord named Nimrod and transformed into the Lord of the Vampires when he consumed the blood of an ancient being who was undead as well. To be honest its way more complicated than this but I couldn’t keep up!
Powers & Paraphernalia: “Dracula possesses far greater powers than most vampires. He has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes, and is immune to aging, conventional disease, and most forms of injury. He ignores most assaults and regenerates damaged tissue rapidly; however, he must drink blood regularly to survive, and is vulnerable to silver, garlic, sunlight, a wooden stake through the heart, and religious symbols… If Dracula fatally drains a victim, that person will arise in three days as a vampire. Dracula can control others with a glance or by drinking their blood; command animals such as rats, bats, and wolves; command other vampires (with limited exceptions); transform into a bat (normal or human size), wolf, or mist (partially or fully); and summon thunderstorms. Dracula does not cast reflections, and he usually cannot enter a house without being invited.” From

Height: 6’5″ Weight: 220 lbs.

First Comic Appearance: Suspense #7 (1951)

Random Fact: Dracula may be evil however during World War 2 he opposed the Nazis as the killed all his Gypsy servants. Fighting on the side of the Allies he even joined up with Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos at one point.

Films and TV Appearances: Blade: Trinity needed a big baddie and when it comes to vampires who is worse than Dracula himself? Played by Dominic Purcell and taking the name Drake there is no doubting this is Marvel’s Dracula given a few twists along the way. As the hilarious Hannibal King (played by Ryan Reynolds auditioning for Deadpool) says “In the movies, Dracula wears a cape, and some old English guy always manages to save the day at the last minute with crosses and holy water. But everybody knows the movies are full of shit.”

One insane one just for fun:


Real Name: Bessie

Aliases: Bovine Blood-Beast, Cowled Cow, Farm Killer, Recreant Ruminant

Hero, villain or both? Both

Brief Bio: In 1691 Dracula just happened to be in Switzerland and with nothing to feast on decided to suck the blood of Bessie. The next day her owner Hans buried her however three nights later she rose from the dead and swore vengeance on the one who created her and all his kind.

Powers & Paraphernalia: “Bessie is a vampire and has the ability to fly and could turn into mist. She also has apparently strength and durability far above those of any normal cow. However being a vampire she must suck blood from victims in order to sustain her immortality. She has the basic vulnerabilities as other vampires such as religious items, sunlight, wooden stakes, garlic, and other vampire weaknesses.” From

Height: 4’6″ at shoulder Weight: 575 lbs.

First Comic Appearance: Giant Sized Man-Thing #5

Random Fact: Three hundred years after her creation Bessie found herself in Cleveland, Ohio where she encountered Howard the Duck who she confused with Dracula and attacked him. Not the kind of mistake I would make but then again I am not a vampire cow.

Films and TV Appearances: According to Wikipedia Bjarki Dagur of Filmophilia found Hellcow to be either “the worst idea for a character I have ever heard, or the greatest thing that has ever existed” in his 2012 article “Best/Worst: Marvel Heroes That Should/Should Never Get Movies” so that solves that!

Read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE and look out for Part 4 coming soon!
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