The Walking Dead Season 3 – Episode 13 Arrow on the Doorpost Review

So after our brief trip down memory lane last week, we’re back in the tough situation that is Woodbury versus The Prison.

Following Andrea’s unexpected visit to Rick and co, the Governor is happy to meet and negotiate with his enemies. This is something that Andrea sees as a good thing, but everyone watching at home knows is intended to benefit the Governor in some sick and evil way.

walking dead episode 13 season 3 arrow on the doorpost rick

Meeting in a remote building with a couple of escorts each, Rick and the Governor don’t get off to a good start. There is a fair bit of bad blood between them and neither is willing to back down or show weakness. They’re also both quite keen to just ‘off’ the other one, so there’s plenty of finger on the trigger tension.
Outside Andrea, Daryl, Hershel, Milton (the Governor’s right hand man) and Martinez (the Governor’s top soldier) wait anxiously and talk. When I say talk, I mean argue a fair bit.

Things aren’t exactly rosy back at the prison either.
Merle is decidedly unhappy that he has been left in the cells while his brother is out in the open, meeting with the snakiest human around. He makes the good point (again) that this would have been a great time to assassinate the Governor and tries to persuade Michonne to sneak out with him and do exactly that.
But, with Rick, Hershel and Daryl outside, Glenn is left in charge, and Glenn is probably the most enthusiastic member of the I hate Merle club right now.
When Glenn puts his foot down about Merle not leaving, a small fight breaks out between them which has to be seperated by Maggie, Michonne and Beth.

walking dead episode 13 season 3 arrow on the doorpost merle

While Merle cools down, Glenn and Maggie do the opposite. With the adrenaline still coursing through their veins, they have a bit of make-up sex in a private part of the prison – romantic huh?

Back at the meeting, everyone is starting to relax, from Daryl, Andrea and the other guards outside, who are now getting on pretty well, to the pair doing the negotiating inside.

Talking to Hershel Andrea hears more about what the Governor did to Maggie during her interrogation and finally starts to show some signs of repulsion. Perhaps her lover isn’t such a nice man after all. Trouble is, she’s kind of stuck with him now.

Inside the Governor breaks out the Whiskey and tries to find some common ground with Rick, which is thankfully met with some scepticism.
Eventually the Governor reveals his terms. He’s willing to leave the prison alone in return for Michonne, who he desperately wants to imprison and or kill after her little zombie child killing, eye stabbing spree.

And so the two groups divide, agreeing to meet in a few days with an agreement.
Thankfully though, Rick seems to be back (mentally) and sees the situation for what it really is. He knows that the Governor can’t be trusted and besides, he was just getting to like Michonne.

As the two leaders return to their respective camps, they prepare their people for war.
The question is, will Rick give negotiation a try first for the sake of his people? And whose side is Andrea really on?


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