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Watchmen (2009) Review

With a new TV show currently gaining rave reviews it seems the perfect time for the 2009 movie version of the American comic book maxiseries Watchmen to come to Blu-ray in the form of an Ultimate Cut to celebrate its 10th anniversary.Read More

PYEWACKET Competition

To celebrate the home entertainment release of PYEWACKET available now on Digital HD and on DVD from the 23rd April 2018, we have a copy of the DVD up for grabs, courtesy of Signature Entertainment!Read More

Britannia Season 1 (2018) Review

Slashing onto our small screens earlier this year Britannia is a brilliant blend of Game of Thrones and Rome via some dark and downright trippy druidic dealings. With its release on download and DVD at last everyone can enjoy this homegrown historical horror TV show be they British or not.Read More

iZombie Season 1 (2015) Review

We live in televisual golden age with well written, excellently acted, innovative and imaginative series being commissioned left, right and center and although you seem to need a subscription to seventy different services to see them all, these days there is nothing better than binge watching a box set.Read More

Air (2015) Review

Set in an all too convincing future where nuclear and chemical warfare has killed the majority of the population and rendered the earth uninhabitable Air takes place in one of the few facilities deep underground devoted to the survival of the human race.Read More