The Walking Dead Series 3 – Episode 07 – When the Dead Come Knocking

The Walking DeadRight, Governor Philip is evil. I accept that now. There’s no clear reason why yet, I guess because he wants to hold onto power, or maybe, in the grand tradition of horror fiction, he just is.

Merle takes Maggie and Glenn back to Woodbury. Yes, he kidnaps them, but I think the Governor could make a good case for, whoa, Merle is a bit of a nutjob, I just use him for security. He could spend a couple of hours showing them around the place, have them meet Andrea, and they’d realise that this place is everything they’ve dreamed of finding for the last nine months. Let’s not forget, Michonne and Andrea themselves arrived in Woodbury at gunpoint in a cage. And if that doesn’t work, then torture them. I think the Governor is underestimating the power of having the only safe place to live.

The Walking Dead

But of course, that would still fail, because as we speak, all of the gun-wielding men from the prison are being led by Michonne in a raid on the town. This is the most interesting development, because I don’t know exactly what will happen. More main character deaths look like they’re creeping up, particularly because next week is the mid-season finale. I’m taking bets on getting Maggie and Glenn and going back to the prison vs. Rick taking charge of Woodbury. I can’t imagine the Governor will die without having had any kind of character arc whatsoever.

Side note: It’s going to pretty funny when the Governor’s men reach the prison, and discover the people who did the impossible task of clearing it of zombies are an old guy with one leg, a middle-aged woman recovering from dehydration, two children and an infant.

The Walking Dead

Back to the torture. Glenn’s was pretty standard punching in the face, until Merle tossed a zombie in there, which was a highly risky proposition when you’re trying to have someone be not dead, but it’s in character for Merle, so it makes sense. Then in Maggie’s case they have the Governor go all rapey, but not to the point of really going beyond the threat of it, because for all the death and zombie-eatings, rape is a really dark road to take things down. They gave up the information that their group were at the prison, but I can’t really blame them for it.

And also in this episode, we had Milton’s experiment. He has a man on the verge of death, making sure he recognises himself and his family, and then waits until he dies and turns, to ask the same questions. Andrea is there as security, to stab the old guy in the head if and when it becomes necessary. Now, this could have been really interesting. It could have been a clash of beliefs, Milton being isolated from the reality of the zombie apocalypse, while Andrea has been out there cutting off heads for the best part of a year. The former believes they can be saved, while the latter, borne out of experience, knows they’re nothing but monsters.

The Walking Dead

It could have been interesting if not for the bit at the end of the first season where the doctor at the CDC showed everyone a big picture of science, demonstrating how all that remains are the most basic human functions, no higher level thoughts or memories. So when Andrea told Milton “when they turn, they become monsters. That’s all.”, she could have followed it up by saying “because a guy with far, far more scientific knowledge and equipment than you established this for us, and you, the watching audience, several months ago”.

Inevitably, the old guy turns and Andrea stabs him in the head. It’s the circle of life. She then returns to bone the governor, who’s fresh from torturing and threatening rape. Andrea, you have awful taste.

Our Walking Dead Season 3 write ups continue next week and if you want to read our reviews of Series 1 or Series 2 just click on them, in the meantime check out the trailer for Episode 8 below:



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