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Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016) Review

Excitement. A horror movie sequel to an original I didn’t see that was based on a board game. I had a quick Metacritic at the reviews of the first one to see if it was something I should catch up on, and the answer was no. But then Mike Flanagan’s name was attached to it […]Read More

Blair Witch (2016) Review

Hey, Adam Wingard made a secret Blair Witch movie for some reason. I was vaguely aware that he was making a new horror movie, and I knew it was set in the woods – I suspected that initially because it was called The Woods – but then they threw out a trailer and suddenly we […]Read More

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Review

I’m not sure what I expected from that. The trailer made Mad Max look completely nuts, but there had to be some kind of catch, right? They always show the best bits in the trailer, and then the rest is Jar Jar or Shia LaBeouf. Incorrect! Mad Max is just as intense as you could […]Read More

It Follows (2014) Review

We begin with a teenage girl running slow loops around a suburban street, trying to escape something we can’t see. She steals her father’s car, calls him to give him her love, and ends crumpled on a beach with her leg snapped backwards over her head. Ten minutes in, the stakes are set and we have no idea what’s going on.Read More

Jessabelle (2014) Review

I was under the impression for the first ten minutes of this that I was reviewing Annabelle, the spinoff about that creepy doll from The Conjuring, and waiting for the doll to turn up while some girl loses her fiancé and unborn child in a car wreck in the first couple of minutes.Read More