Awaken the Dead (2007)

Brain Damageblood Awaken the Dead could have the shortest review ever: Worst. Nu-metal video. Ever.

But, seeing as I made the effort to watch it, I might as well say something else. Though, pretty much all you need to know about it is contained within those four words.

So what about some more words: whiskey drinking priest, promise, mentor’s daughter, zombies, military awakendeadexperiment. How are you feeling now? Excited? No, I thought not.

Remember the four words at the top? Well, combine them with those others I just provided. Getting the picture?

So, basically some stuff happens, none of it particularly interesting – there are zombies, but they don’t look great (if you thought the oddly blue make-up in Romero’s Dawn of the Dead looked weird, then these aren’t going to convince you one bit) – but its often set to awful music that makes you want to slide off your sofa in despair.

The opening credits are particularly gruelling, and occasionally unintentionally hilarious (or maybe that’s the hysteria of the desperate setting in).
And if you thought Taste of Flesh looked cheap, oh boy are you in for a treat. Possibly filmed on tissue paper, Awaken the Dead has some terrible performances in it, none of which is helped by the severely misdirected sense of grandeur the film’s plot has within it.

Awaken-the-dead-zombies-in-street awaken3

What is wrong with spending a weekend in the woods, running around with a few people dressed as zombies and filming it? Hey, it worked for Sam Raimi back in the day.

Movie Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 

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