Taste of Flesh (2008) Review

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Take one gaggle of young co-eds, one crazy chef, one sack-headed cannibal, and mix together in a large, empty warehouse with an incredibly cheap blender. Fold in two cops as the mixture rises and watch it explode into suspense and terror.

Or something approximating that, without the suspense or terror.

Taste of Flesh is at times brutal, unpleasant, gory and even tedious, but it is never that affecting. The plot is minimal, as is the set, acting and

direction, but that needn’t mean disaster.
As several people have proved, it is more than possible to produce a good horror film on very little money or experience (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre anyone?), but it seems it is much more abundantly possible to make something awful, without any redeeming features whatsoever (though this applies to well-funded films too, remake of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre anyone?).

Unfortunately, Taste of Flesh falls into the latter category. Though, having said that there was some excellent unintentional humour to be found in some of it, particularly the opening conversation between the girls, and the interaction of the two cops, which fell into very effective awkward comedy (of the kind to be found in HBO’s new comedy series Eastbound and Down, which stars the fantastic Danny McBride).

Also, the first view of the sack-headed cannibal man was not completely lacking in chills. Though these quickly dissipated as the film went on.

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Overall it is hard to think much of a film that is centred around women being cut up by some irritating bore who is meant to be darkly comic (at least I presume that was what was going on), but was actually really annoying, and looked as though it was filmed on toilet paper.

Movie Rating: ☆

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

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