The Return of the Living Dead Special – Linnea Quigley Interview

The Return of the Living DeadIf you remember one character from The Return of the Living Dead (released on special edition Blu-ray and DVD on the 4th of June) I would bet that one character is Trash, the nudity loving punk, who is somehow just as sexy alive as she is undead. As part of our Return of the Living Dead Special, we were lucky enough to talk to the lady dancing naked in the zombie rain – Linnea Quigley to ask about filming the movie and what she’s been up to since.

LoveHorror: I love The Return of the Living Dead especially your character. How did you get involved in this zany zombie movie?

Linnea Quigley: Thanks, that is so nice of you to start and well I became involved because I had done Silent Night Deadly Night and the casting director Stanzi Stokes remembered me and called me in and I read for the casting director and some other people. Then I passed that and went on to read for Dan O’Bannon and Graham Henderson and the character Spider Miguel was there to read with and I did the famous “Do you ever fantasize about dying” and a dance to show I wouldn’t freeze up and at that time women were told it was suicide to do nudity so not many would do it. I was thrilled when I got it. I heard they had cast another girl and they had some problems starting filming and in the meantime she had become pregnant and so it was all cast and they had to recast Trash known in the script then as Leggs.

The Return of the Living Dead

LoveHorror: What was filming like? Did you have any idea that the movie would become such a cult classic?

Linnea Quigley: It was fun, but it was hard work. It was a lot of cold rain machines for me and body paint and appliances when I turned – and being buried in mud. But a fun time and we had no clue we were doing a movie that people would remember. We just did our thing some stuff including the costumes hair etc really supervised by Dan. I think the release is really something, I can’t believe all the people of all ages that love the film it was so many things that made it good and everyone really working hard and some under more stress then others. I still, even though I had worked, was new to the business and had no clue of the stress involved behind the scenes and I’m just the luckiest girl to be in the movie and we all look and talk to each other and are always so surprised.

LoveHorror: The movie was made in 1985. Have you watched it since? If so, what do you think of it?

Linnea Quigley: Its hard to see a movie you did through the eyes of someone that just experiences it. But wow I’m glad, I love the fans of it they are so special to me.

The Return of the Living Dead

LoveHorror: What have you been doing since the film, and what are you up to now?

Linnea Quigley: I had a time when my parents got sick, a major move that tore me apart and some other major problems, but I still have worked in a lot of stuff. If you go to my IMDB you can see. I am excited about the chance Joe Hollow took on me in an amazing cast and movie that will be out soon Disciples its a great chance and I thank him for it. Girls Gone Dead is really a fun horror film which will be out and I have traveled the world and done films for Jesse Franco and so many people to name its been amazing I also just did some stuff for Christopher Forbes which is called Blood River. I must mention I worked a lot and have lately with David Decoteu and he’s such a great guy he really helped me loads and I got to co-produce with him learning more of it. Wow so much goes into it and he’s got it down so thanks to so many people and so many fans and I hope you keep watching.

LoveHorror: What is your favorite zombie movie (other than The Return of the Living Dead)?

Linnea Quigley: OH man some of the older Italian ones. And of course I drew a blank and the first Night of the Living Dead.

The Return of the Living Dead

LoveHorror: Finally if you were to return as one of the living dead, what’s the first thing you would do?

Linnea Quigley: I’d drop the makeup yuck and roam around as a zombie pretending to be a human – I don’t think that’s been done. Hey I’d like to still dance on a tombstone. I miss that time, it was magic.

LoveHorror: So do we! Thank you Linnea.

Linnea Quigley: Thanks so much and I’m very excited about the U.K release, love and screams.

The last part is right Here and don’t forget The Return of the Living Dead is released on Special Edition Blu-ray and DVD on 4th of June.


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