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The Return of the Living Dead Special – Linnea Quigley

If you remember one character from <a href="http://lovehorror.co.uk/the-return-of-the-living-dead-1985-review">The Return of the Living Dead</a> (released on special edition Blu-ray and DVD on the 4th of June) I would bet that one character is Trash, the nudity loving punk, who is somehow just as sexy alive as she is undead. As part of our Return of the Living Dead Special, we were lucky enough to talk to the lady dancing naked in the zombie rain - Linnea Quigley to ask about filming the movie and what she’s Read More

Savage Streets (1984) Review

Linda Blair is and always will be most famous for playing the head spinning, pea soup puking, potty mouthed possessed pre-teen Regan MacNeil from the one and only Exorcist. As a role it both made and doomed her acting career in one fell swoop.Read More