Werewolf Rising (2014) Review


Directed by B.C.Furtney, Werewolf Rising tells the tale of Emma, a country girl who left for the big city only to return years later with big problems. When she returns to her childhood home deep in the Arkansas mountains for some well needed rest, relaxation, and soul searching, her problems have only just begun.

A bloodthirsty werewolf emerges from the woods to lay siege to the area, ravaging anything in its path and revealing a sinister underworld that most never knew existed. With a full moon hanging over the area, Emma is plunged into a fight not only for her life, but for her very soul.

I hadn’t watched a werewolf movie in a while, so was hoping that it would be gory, scary, freaky and downright horrific.


Basically, Emma (Melissa Carnell) has been a bit fond of the odd tipple or two and decides to head back home to her childhood home, which to the normal everyday eye appears to be a ramshackle cabin in the wood, which should have a big sign on the door stating YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!! DON’T YOU THINK IT’S MAD BEING OUT HERE ALL ON YOUR LONESOME????WEREWOLF_RISING_2D_DVD

Emma seems quite content to spend her time alone out in the wood at night and is surprised to find that some kind soul has left her two cans of beer in the fridge, which being the good girl she now is, she tips out onto the grass outside. She meets Johnny Lee (Matt Copko), who advises he left the two cans in the fridge, not realising she was a recovering alcoholic. A friendship blossoms, but Johnny’s Uncle Wayne (Brian Berry) is none too pleased that Johnny Lee is getting attention from Emma and he isn’t. Sounds a bit pervy to me!

Emma also has the same dream every night about a strange man who appears to have an appetite for blood and her. Every night the same vision occurs again and again. Who is the strange man and what connection does he have with them all? Perhaps he borrowed a cup of sugar from her and is just trying to return it back to her, so she doesn’t gossip to the neighbours about him? Why is there continuous howling outside at night? Where is the blood and gore? All this and more will be answered as normal, if you go out and buy the DVD when it’s released.

Werewolf Rising was quite an interesting film to watch as it’s primary message is that there are monsters inside all of us. Whether it’s through drink, abuse or animal urges, the monster inside each and every one of us will rise to the surface at one point in our lives. Whilst not particularly frightening or shocking, the story line is interesting enough to keep you glued to the chair and the chemistry between Emma and Johnny Lee is quite fun to watch. I have to congratulate all the actors on their fine performances during the film and I genuinely believed each character and felt as if I got to know them throughout the film.


Although he’s not in that much of the film, Bill Oberst Jr. who plays Rhett is the standout performer, portraying a genuinely disturbing character who seems to know Emma far better than she actually realizes. The good thing about Werewolf Rising is I can’t really find another film to compare it to and it does have quite a good story line. However, there is room for more of an explanation behind how the werewolves in the film originate and how they have managed to stay relatively undetected before Emma returns home.



Director BC Furtney did a pretty good job on a relatively low budget and should be congratulated on a job well done. My only criticism of the film if any is it wasn’t long enough and it wasn’t as gory as I hoped.
Considering however, how many cast members are in the film, what is achieved on screen and effects wise is pretty impressive. If you like werewolf movies, a pleasant story line and prefer not to have naked bodies on screen every 5 minutes in your horror movies, then this is the film for you.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 



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