Lucifer Season 1 (2016) Review


What is it about the Devil that makes him such an interesting character? Film after film and series after series have featured the fallen angel in many guises and yet we keep watching, but why? In many ways this bewitchment over Beelzebub and his devilish charms makes up the central concept of Lucifer a brilliant series that proves it is far more fun being bad.

British actor Tom Ellis takes on the role of Lucifer Morningstar who growing bored of ruling over hell and torturing the wicked decides to take a holiday and heads for where else but the City of Angles L.A to entertain himself messing with mortals far from the fiery pits he once called home.


Running a club with his demon bar tender and body guard Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) life seems good however when a famous young singer he helped to the top is slain in his arms Satan decides to find out who is responsible and punish them.1

Insisting he becomes involved in the investigation run by Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) who not only finds him extremely annoying but is immune to his powers of persuasion the odd couple combine forces to uncover the real truth behind the murder.

Once the case is solved it seems the pair keep colliding and as Decker refusing to believe his claims of divinity desperately attempts to work out what is going on with Lucifer and his unbelievable supernatural powers the Devil decides that he wants to carry on crime fighting not only for fun but to find out more about himself.

Adapted for TV by Tom Kapinos the man behind Californication from characters in the comic series The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg and the spin off comics Lucifer written by Mike Carey the scripts sizzle with witty one liners and brilliant banter especially between the leads.


Although the crimes are standard for cop series it is the characters that set the show apart and the evolving relationships between them which is both fun and fascinating to watch. Lauren German is great as Decker an ex-actor turned detective who balances bringing up her daughter with battling her past mistakes including a teen movie nude scene and alienating herself from the rest of her department over a previous case.

Playing Satan Tom Ellis has some big shoes to fill being that previous Master of Darkness include Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson, Viggo Mortensen, Tim Curry and uh hum Elizabeth Hurley. Smooth talking, suave and oozing sex appeal Ellis is excellent bringing tons of charisma and comedy to the role but also playing on the horned ones humanity which uncontrollably infests itself in Lucifer altering him whether he is aware or not.


Interestingly the American Family Association website One Million Moms got 134,331 signatures on a petition trying to ban Lucifer from being shown stating it “will glorify Satan as a caring, likable person in human flesh.” They were right but that’s why the show is not only is so watchable but secured a second series.

Taking up with a psychotherapist (played by Suits Rachael Harris) for sexual and psychological exercise Lucifer questions his role in the underworld and the effects mortals have on him some of which seem to turn the Lord of Evil into a bit of a softy.


This transformation is not just the lynchpin of the show being as it brings about unbalance to the otherworldly realms of Heaven and Hell setting angry angel Amenadiel (24’s D.B. Woodside) on Lucifer case but also the answer to why we love the Devil so much, because ultimately we can all relate to him. Cast out by his father and forced into a role he never wanted he is a deeply flawed individual just trying to sort himself out with more issues and hang ups than all of us hence why the character and series is so engaging and compelling.

Blending multiple genres from fantasy to cop thriller to horror to romantic comedy Lucifer offers up something to temp every audience and all of the elements work very well together proving yet again that not only does the Devil have all the best tunes, he has the best TV shows too!

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



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