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The Host (2020) Review

*** THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS *** Frustrated with his lot, London banker Robert Atkinson (Mike Beckingham) decides to borrow some money from his place of work. The problem is that the money he’s borrowed is from a new customer and subsequently losing it all – and then some – at a poker table isn’t really […]Read More

Low budget, huge scares

In horror films, cheap thrills are just as good as expensive ones. You don’t need a huge budget to scare your audience senseless. Take the new British chiller HOST, described by Dread Central as “the scariest film of the past decade” – it all takes place on a laptop screen, and features a handful of […]Read More

Women Versus The Wicked

It’s a common misconception that women are only in horror films to scream. Not so – the genre has put women front and centre for decades, showing men a trick or two about conquering evil. In the terrifying new online seance chiller HOST, a group of female friends are left to deal with a malevolent […]Read More

Horror Favourites – Mike Beckingham

Mike Beckingham broke onto the scene with a mesmerising turn in Tom Paton’s chilling feature film Redwood. The brother of British film royalty Simon Pegg, Mike Beckingham is making a name for himself with leading roles alongside Billy Zane in Bill Fishman’s Marlon Brando Biopic Waltzing with Brando, and an upcoming politically charged action-thriller Attack […]Read More

Horror Favourites – Ruby Turner

The Host is a dark crime thriller staring award-winning up-and-coming actor Mike Buckingham alongside Ruby Turner MBE once a back-up singer to Mick Jagger and Bryan Ferry. Ruby recently released her 20th studio album Love Was Here and also wrote the film’s theme song Chasing Love. To celebrate The Host’s release on the 17th of […]Read More