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Open Water 3: Cage Dive (2017) Review

Sharks are scary that’s a fact. Having only ever seen them in real life at a very safe distance behind massively reinforced glass at an aquarium I can still see why movie after movie has been made about these black eyed human hunting predators of the deep.Read More

Cage Dive and the Evolution of Sharks on Screen

“And the thing about a shark is he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, he doesn’t even seem to be livin’… ’til he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white and then… ah then you hear that terrible high-pitched screamin’. The ocean turns red, and […]Read More

Bait (2012) Review

Bait opens with one of the cheesiest shark attacks ever committed to celluloid. It begins when lifeguard Josh (Twilight and The Loved Ones star, Xavier Samuel) fails to save his best friend and the brother of his girlfriend Tina (Sharni Vinson soon to be seen in You’re Next) from being nastily devoured by a fiendish […]Read More

Dark Tide (2012) Review

Halfway through Dark Tide Halle Berry’s Kate uses the phrase ‘I’m not the shark whisperer!’, but after watching this film you’ll kind of wish she was.Read More

The Reef (2010) Review

Sharks are like marmite, you ever love them or hate them. I normally detest watching shark movies as they are normally blatant rip-off’s of Jaws, which as we all know is the iconic shark horror movie.Read More