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0115: eXistenZ

This week we watch David Cronenberg’s head scrambling virtual reality film eXistenZ! Join us as we pause the game long enough to try and work out what exactly is going on, decide on which computer game we’d like to live in, and even have time to mention that weird double lightsaber. It’s all happening.Read More

Horror Features

0116: The Island

There was a time 2019 felt like the future and not the horribly crushing present, and that time was 2005, when Michael Bay had a go at ‘proper’ science fiction with The Island. We watch as Ewan McGregor and Scarlet Johansson do their best with Bay’s typical brand of complete awfulness, lose count of how […]Read More

Horror Features

Avengers: Endgame Spoilercast

Endgame was a big deal, like a really big deal, so we ride Disney’s coattails a little further with a spoiler-filled discussion of our thoughts on this year’s biggest budget blockbuster. Who knows how we’ll feel in five years when we rank it for real, probably around the time Avengers XII: Muppet Babies Vs. Dr. […]Read More