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0118: Twelve Monkeys

(It’s been a few weeks, we got lost in time. Bear with us, more regular pods are coming soon) This week we take a look at Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys in which Bruce Willis goes a bit mad whilst trying to stop the future from existing. Or he has no hands? It’s unclear.Read More

Horror Features

0127: Hot Tub Time Machine 2

It’s 2020 which means the strict and important rules of SFRS now allow us to watch films from 2015. So, obviously our first choice is Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Listen as Sam’s soul tries to escape his body, everyone pitches dark TV shows, Alex brings several quizzes and we find out definitively when films […]Read More

Horror Features

0128: Jurassic World

This week it’s Chris’ choice of 2015 film to start the new decade, and predictably he’s gone for Jurassic World. Alex has plans for a very different sort of JP film, Sam can’t get over Quattro and Chris is just happy as long as there’s dinosaurs.Read More