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0120: The Matrix Revolutions

Almost a year after we watched The Matrix we bite the bullet (time) and finish the trilogy with Revolutions. Is this film as bad as we all remember? Does it make any more sense than it did at the time? I mean I think you already know the answer, but let us tell you why!Read More

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0111: The Matrix Reloaded

Last year, way back on episode 82 we watched The Matrix and were all pleasantly surprised how much we still enjoyed it. Who knew it would age so well? Who could have thought we could have so much fun with a film that seemed so firmly stuck in our pasts?Read More

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0112: Battlefield Earth

This week it’s Battlefield Earth. You’ve probably heard of it. Travolta. Scientology. White men with dreadlocks. A long tongue. I honestly thought After Earth was the worst film we’d watch this year…but maybe not? Listen in as we try and make sense of a spectacular failure.Read More


0113: Soylent Green

This week Chris is so excited for Soylent Green that we struggle to contain him. Listen as Alex and Sam try to keep him in line and talk through the ’70s sci-fi classic with a twist as twisty as a bag of Twisters twisted around a twisty flagpole. In Twisttown.Read More

Horror Features

0114: Weird Science

Weird Science was re-released on blu-ray last month and the good folk at Arrow Films asked us to take a look. Chris has woken up from last week’s soporific showing and is here to weigh in on just how much ‘weird’ and how much ‘science’ is here. Also we learn a lot about his personal […]Read More