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Hall (2020) Review

I don’t know about you but COVID-19 has really taken all the fun out of watching horror movies about viruses. <em>The Andromeda Strain</em>, <em>Outbreak</em>, <em>Contagion</em>, <em>Viral</em>, <em>Quarantine</em> and the rest just don’t have the appeal they used to have now we are all starring in our very own pandemic movie day in and day out.Read More

Infection Zombies

[REC] (2007) Review

So, is Spanish horror the new Japanese horror? Where once films coming out of Japan (and Korea) were the new source of effortlessly and mindblowingly scary, not to mention ripe to be snapped up for an American remake, it seems that the Spanish are quickly catching up. [Rec] certainly contributes to this feeling. Judging by […]Read More


Quarantine (2008)

Are first person, camcorder perspective films being a bit over played recently? Maybe. But it has to be said that this style of shooting does seem to be a more effective way to involve the audience. As far as horror is concerned, it all took off with the excellent Blair Witch Project; was somewhat successful […]Read More