The Baron

Cannibal (2010) Review

I am often very hungry. I often deal with this existential crisis by eating something, and don’t give me any grief when I tell you what I eat tends to be biscuits.Read More

Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus (2010) Review

I am a massive fan of the inspiring, educational and historically accurate (ahem) Worlds Deadliest Warrior. This terrific programme takes two historical warrior tribes and pits them against each other in a simulated battle to the death.Read More

The Beyond (1981) Review

Another door to Hell has been opened! ‘The Godfather of Gore’ Lucio Fulci follows his cracking (and completely bonkers) City of the Living Dead (COTLD) with another ‘Gates of Hell’ film, piling on another substantial layer of blood and guts.Read More

Mother’s Day (2010) Review

Taking his cues from the 1980 film of the same name, director Darren Lynn Bousman offers a gritty and reasonably effective remake that completely updates and re-imagines Mother’s Day.Read More