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Murder Me, Monster (2018) Review

Set in the Andres, Murder Me, Monster is an Argentine horror, written and directed by Alejandro Fadel. The Spanish-language film is a horror-crime hybrid and kicks-off quickly with the discovery of a murdered woman which attracts the attention of the rural police officer, gravel-voiced Cruz (Victor Lopez). Officer Cruz works quickly to find a suspect, […]Read More

The Last Victim… Out on DVD and Blu-Ray March 7th

…there’s a new dimension to evil… The Last Victim is a gripping true story from the producers of Monster about an 18 year-old college student who dares to confront notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy – triggering a deadly game of cat and mouse and a journey into the darkest realms of the mind.Read More

Animals (2008)

At Love Horror we pride ourselves on giving you impartial and honest reviews, so without wanting to lure you into this critique with false promises – like a nefarious character from a classic horror, I will say it outright. This is simply the worst film I have ever seen, and I have seen a few.Read More

Splice (2009)

American (and now UK) theatres have just been subjected to the release of Splice, a massively hyped film (not least because of a production credit from one Guillermo del Torro) that was plagued by a troublesome development process, and the mainstream press has lauded it as one of the best horror features this year.Read More

Salvage (2009) Review

It’s not easy being a British horror movie. Most of the time, you don’t have much money, you find it hard to impress people and you don’t have the good looks that your American counterparts seem to be blessed with.Read More