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Horror Favourites – Rupert Jones

Garnering critical acclaim on its theatrical release, one of Britain’s greatest actors of today Toby Jones ‘glows’ (The Guardian) as the lead in Kaleidoscope, a bleak, nightmarish psychological thriller written and directed by brother Rupert Jones in his feature film debut.Read More


Emily Booth, They’re Outside interview

THEY’RE OUTSIDE is a new horror film from The Haunted Cinema. It’s the story of a celebrity psychologist who has set himself the challenge of getting an intensely agoraphobic woman to freely walk outside of her home in just ten days. He laughs off her claims of ghosts haunting the woodlands outside, but soon comes […]Read More


Horror Favourites – Iain Robert Smith

The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies returns for our 2019 Spring semester with a one of a kind class on international horror ‘remakesploitations’ discussed through the lens of the popular ‘meme’ concept to explore what these films can tell us about processes of cultural globalization.Read More