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Emmy winners Sherri Shepherd and Mike Manning star opposite Penny Dreadful star Jonny Beauchamp and Riverdale’s Ashleigh Murray in an unnerving new film from writer/director Barry Jay that weaves in important and topical issues such as alcoholism and substance abuse.

Alex is an aspiring singer/songwriter, a drug addict who’s been damaged from childhood abuse. After the death of his father and inheriting the family home, he takes in a roommate, a fighter, who takes Alex under his wing, teaching him how to fight back and stand up to abusers. But soon this leads Alex down a dark path that threatens his sobriety and his life.

“I disagree”, says Barry Jay (Killer Therapy, The Chosen). “Absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder. Sometimes it gives you the time and distance to gain the clarity to see how badly you were mistreated and the courage to finally do something about it. That was me – I moved out of an abusive household when I was 20 years old. I had been abused until after I was a senior in high school. Severely underweight, shut down, feared everyone and everything and with good reason. Sobriety was a gift that helped me heal through all of that, a day at a time and that is the inspiration for THE WAY OUT.

My hope is to send a message to the abuser and the abused. To the abuser, I hope to show the ripple effect of their heinous actions, and how it can boomerang back to them, rightfully destroying their lives. To the abused, I hope to show there is hope, hope for better days, ability to find the self-esteem and strength to create boundaries, how forgiveness can be the thing that helps you finally drop the rock so you can create a better new and healthy life.”

Below director Barry Jay talks about his favorite horror movie:

“So that has been the debate in my head since HALLOWEEN came out in 1978. Before that it was NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD — i’ve used clips of that movie in my first two films as homage. George Romero was the mastermind behind the original Zombie. And in 1968 to cast black man who was pretty much the guy in charge in the movie, was ahead of its time in 1968 and scored big with me. aside from that it’s a truly original and horrifying film. something none of us had seen before.

The recently deceased coming back to life and eating flesh. turning into one if you were bit. shooting them in the head. all these were new and George Romero created. in THE WAY OUT Alex’s last name is Romero. I named him for George. so many things impressed me about NOTLD. George spending his own money, using library music for that iconic score, having actor friends wear all kinds of hats in production… that gave me permission to make my first horror movie ASHES in much the same way.

Then 10 years later, came Halloween. And again something I had not seen before. my dad took me to see it. i’ve never been so scared seeing a horror movie for the first time and I could tell the packed audience felt same. i’d also never experienced screaming at the screen like. didn’t think i’d be one of them. but I was (oh come on Laurie don’t drop the knife!!!)

John Carpenter started a new level of horror in a budget of 300K. as a composer he created possibly the most memorable horror movie score in existence. michael myers was an original evil and stalking baby sitters was terrifying because it was so relatable. I loved that they cast Jamie Lee Curtis, following her moms path of dealing with a PSYCHO. the whole cast was so good and so memorable. I would grow up to cast PJ SOLES in my film KILLER THERAPY which was a dream come true. she was also in CARRIE my other fave but we will save that one for another time”

THE WAY OUT is out now.

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