Buried (2010) Review

buried movie 2010 Ryan reynoldsEver since it’s stunningly stark and simple trailer hit cinema screens weeks back Buried has had a great deal of buzz and anticipation around it.

Luckily this film more than lives up to the hype.

The brutally basic premise of Buried is what makes it so frightening and so cinematically adventurous; a man wakes up to find he is buried alive in a coffin under the desert sands and fast running out of time and oxygen.

buried movie 2010 Ryan reynoldsAlthough the idea of being buried alive has been dealt with before in other horror films such as Wes Craven’s voodoo movie The Serpent and The Rainbow, never has it been so intricately and exquisitely explored.

Mainly running in real-time and only using real lighting, Spanish director Rodrigo Cortés uses the confines of the coffin and the cinematic screen to optimal effect, creating one of the most claustrophobic films ever committed to celluloid – whilst remaining creative and artistic in the use of more abstract and imaginative shots.

Ryan Reynolds is charismatic and captivating as the U.S contractor working in Iraq who finds himself in the nightmarish situation. Although known more for his comedic roles, he has appeared in several horrors most notably The Amityville Horror remake and the brilliant Blade: Trinity and easily transcends his comedy typecast persona here creating a believable ‘everyman’ desperately fighting for survival.

With the full focus of the film on him he more than succeeds in taking the audience through horrendous physical and emotional torture, making the movie all the more harrowing and all the more real.

buried film 2010 Ryan reynolds

An amazing piece of filmmaking with a virtuoso performance, the stunning script full of twists and turns has a strong political edge, but is most importantly packed with pathos and well written character development. All crafting a horror thriller which keeps you as entrapped as Reynolds character from start to finish.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ★ 

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  • but it’s Ryan Reynolds!? he sucks ass surely? does he get out? can we leave him leave him there!?

    LEAVE HIM… please.

    green lantern…. leave him.

    deadpool…leave him.

    husband to scarlett johansson…leqve him.

    did i miss anything?

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