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‘Arctic’ and the Best Lone Survival Thrillers

Whether it be up a mountain, in the jungle, or out at sea, stories of human triumph over nature have always stirred our imagination. But while embarking on a great adventure into the unknown is exciting enough, these stories become even more thrilling when disaster strikes and the adventure suddenly becomes a fight for survival…Read More

ATM (2012) Review

Like Phone Booth, Tower Block, Devil or The Hole the premise of ATM is starkly simple and scintillatingly scary. Three people are trapped in an ATM booth with a maniac outside and no means of escape.Read More

6 Plots (2012) Review

If someone asked you to name an Australian horror film your first answer would probably be Wolf Creek, perhaps followed by Snowtown or The Loved Ones. You may even have Van Diemen’s Land or the spectacular Lake Mungo popping to mind if you were an Aussie horror fan or an avid reader of our humble […]Read More

247°F (2011) Review

247°F is 119.444444444445 degrees Celsius. It is also a sauna set, survival horror which desperately tries to turn up the heat and ends up failing to ignite anything in its audience but apathy.Read More

Buried Alive

On Monday we see the release of the disturbingly claustrophobic Buried on Blu Ray and DVD. The film has been causing a stir since we first got a sniff of it at Frightfest. But we wondered, what is it about a film set in a box for the duration that is so terrifying and interesting […]Read More

Buried Competition

Since reporting on Buried at the 2010 Frightfest, Zombie 2 has undoubtedly felt its long lasting influence on his life. No longer will he use the WC without leaving the door open, or get cleaning products from the broom cupboard when instructed to do so.Read More