Spiderhole (2009) Review

spiderhole movie 2009 Two boys and two girls end up trapped in a nasty situation: Yeah, we’ve heard it before.
Sadistic killer that likes to dismember his victims while they’re still alive: Been there, done that.
The film is British and the said 4 unsuspecting youths are squatters: Okay, things are sounding a little more interesting.

Spiderhole dipped below the radar at the end of last year, released on spiderhole coverDVD without much of a ripple – which is a shame because it really does have some nice elements if you can see beyond the generic deterrents.

4 kids in a funky campervan set off on a trip around London to find a new place to live. They’re students and (faced with rising university fees, no doubt) need to find somewhere as cheap as possible. Their best bet – squatting.

They have a few promising properties in mind but don’t manage to beat the fortifications. After these failed attempts, they end up at a large, run-down old house which they manage to take ownership of – or so they think.

The place is very creepy, but they can see beyond ominous noises and flaking paint and soon settle in. Things get a little uncomfortable when it appears that someone else has been (and possibly died) there, but who can be picky when we’re talking about free accommodation right?

Wrong. Upon waking up, the young squatters find that they’re trapped in the house, the windows and doors welded shut. Worse still, it would seem that the person behind the incarcerating is still in the house with them!

spiderhole 2009 spiderhole movie 2009

This twisted individual then takes pleasure in torturing the group both mentally and physically and seeing as how he has an impromptu surgery hidden away, he puts his medical tools to good use, making his guests and the audience alike feel very uncomfortable (although the ones that he’s dissecting, somewhat moreso).
Spiderhole comes from a production team with little in the way of big titles behind them, but it’s quite surprising given the quality of this nasty little number.
Unpleasantness and tension are applied in good measure throughout and carry on right through to the sticky end.

spiderhole 2009

The concepts, although not entirely original, take nice twists to stay clear of predictability and on the whole the cast perform convincingly too.
It’s also nice to see a low budget production that doesn’t seem to suffer from the lack of finance, and keeps things simple so as not to expose any weaknesses.
More often than not, it’s the effects and CGI that are key indicators of this. Happily Spiderhole is ‘effects light’ and heavy on the psychological torment.
In fact, the only seemingly obvious place for corner-cutting was with the promotion. Why wasn’t more of a fuss made about this one?

No giant spiders but lots of fun nonetheless!

Movie Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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