Drop Dead Famous with Miles Watts – Questions for the cast and crew of Zomblogalypse

Zomblogalypse is best British Zom-Com we have seen in forever and to celebrate its bloodletting brilliance we bring you a series of exclusive interviews with the cast and crew behind the hilarious horror.

The feature is an expansion of the original web series Zomblogalypse, begun in 2008 when local filmmaking trio Hannah Bungard, Tony Hipwell and Miles Watts teamed up to make something armed only with a laptop, a York flat and a tub of green face paint. The series went on to clock up over a million views across various platforms, collecting legions of international fans along the way, and ran for four seasons before the team used their ‘filmmaking bootcamp’ of the web series to move onto independent features.

The film adaptation of Zomblogalypse was a labour of love for the filmmaking trio, who share producing, writing, directing and acting duties. Development began in 2012 with Hollywood studio involvement before going into hibernation for several years. The idea however, like the zombie menace, refused to stay dead.

Shot in 2018/19 by York-based production company MilesTone Films in association with One&Other Creative, Zomblogalypse built on a long-term relationship with the people and businesses of York, utilising locations, services and the help and goodwill of dozens of Yorkshire based services. Having made several feature films and a web series in the city over the past decade, the filmmakers were able to call upon an army of individuals and organisations to realise their film for a considerably smaller budget than feature films usually allow. The film boldly represents the incredibly strong creative community in York and the surrounding area.

Below Miles Watts (Co-creator/Actor/Director/Producer etc) takes on our Drop Dead Famous questions:

1. How did you get involved with Zomblogalypse?
Yeah, Tony and I were trying to make a short film a month in 2008 and we!d also just made a cheap movie about a band on tour, and showed it in the cinema where we worked, so we were making a lot of stuff and wondering what to do next. We thought something very homemade and easy would fit around our jobs and the hanging out we did after work, so the idea of zombies fit in nicely with that. Even though Hannah hates gore!

2. What was the best bit of making the movie?
There were a few days on set that were very very cathartic, where I looked around and thought damn, we!re finally making this movie. I had quite a few flashbacks to the old Zomblog days because as you get further into your film career it becomes more about whether the movie will be successful, whereas when we started the web series it was all about the fun. The movie, though it was a hard journey, did have a lot of that fun.

3. After Zomblogalypse what is your second favourite zombie move?
The Romero cut of Dawn of the Dead is as close to zombie heaven as you can get. There are great moments scattered throughout The Walking Dead, and I’ve kept up with that for the last 11 years! Shaun of the Dead, as well as being damn funny, is one of the best zombie films ever made because it feels so real, and it!s genuinely a wrench when beloved characters start dying.

4. What lessons did you learn during lockdown that would help you survive a zombie apocalypse?
Staying calm. Holing up. Staying in touch with the people who matter. Sharing resources. All the things we’ve hopefully learned during the pandemic. Also, TV is just as good as cinema these days, and often better.

5. If you had your own blog what would it be about?
My friend Marcus and I host a vlog show about Tintin (called Tintincast) which we love doing. If I did more shows they!d probably be about my obsessive love of Star Wars and/or honest life lessons about working in indie film, because there!s a hell of a lot of bullshit out there. I’d like to dispel some myths about it all.

6. What is next for you?
Someone at the Zomblog premiere asked what I was working on and I realised it!s another zombie thing, like I should be sick of zombies by now. I just sold a script, which is an action horror, so script writing is the main focus for me for the foreseeable future. Indie film is so tough but yeah, we want to sell Zomblog now and move on with that. Sequels if they give us money!

Check out our review HERE and find out more about the movie on their website https://zomblogalypse.com/


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