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Zombie for Sale (2019) Review

What is it about zombies that is so darn funny? Is it their shambling stupid walk or their grumpy groan or their bumbling aimless actions or the many hilarious and horrific ways of destroying them? Either way it seems Zom-Com’s will never die but luckily the latest edition to the genre, Zombie for Sale, proves […]Read More

Little Monsters (2019) Review

Written and directed by Australian Abe Forsythe Little Monsters blends Night of the Living Dead with Life is Beautiful to create a hilarious and heartfelt Zom-Com that will rip your heart out.Read More

Night of the Living Deb (2015) Review

It’s the Fourth of July weekend and Deb (Maria Thayer) is drinking down the bar with best friend Ruby (Julie Brister). Her mischievous friend encourages her to talk to the most attractive guy in Portland, Maine; Ryan Waverly (Michael Cassidy).Read More