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Directed by James Watts and written by James Watts and Kelly Watts, Death Trip is the latest horror to set our world on fire and we got a chance to talk to some of the cast and creatives behind it.

Four friends take a cottage trip in the dead of winter. During their stay, they discover dark details about the neighboring cottagers. After one of the friends is found mutilated, the group worries they’re being targeted by angry locals. Kelly Kay Hurcomb, Tatyana Olal, Garrett Johnson, Melina Trimarchi, Zoe Slobodzian, Bruce Watts, and Brad MacDonald star.

Below Death Trip star Kelly Kay Hurcomb goes in depth on her favorite horror film:

“While I’ve made some very precious/horrifically scarring memories with many horror films over the course of my lifetime (The Blair Witch Project and Poltergeist are two that definitely come to mind), my absolute favourite horror movie of all time is Inland Empire. Controversial choice? Maybe! Will hardcore horror fans read this and be like, “Wow, this person has no idea what they’re talking about, I will never, ever watch their movie Death Trip because of this shameful answer”? Who knows – that’s their prerogative! All I know is that I truly do not give a single fuck what anyone says – Inland Empire is absolutely terrifying and a fantastic horror movie.

Watching Inland Empire is a deeply visceral experience, one that extends far beyond your average jump scare engagement with a scary movie. In addition to playing with the kind of disturbing imagery you’d expect in a solid horror film, this movie has a singular vibe that I just can’t shake – it really makes you feel like you’re losing your mind, which, as a bit of a control freak Virgo with a very lame desire for reason and logic IRL, I find quite fun (and absolutely terrifying) in the context of a movie going experience. While I’ve tried to analyze the “meaning” behind this movie for years (and “succeeded” once, but totally forget what my read on it was), it’s best enjoyed as intended – a series of unsettling scenes strung together by pure nightmare logic.

Even though she (supposedly) had no idea what was going on in this wild movie when she shot it, Laura Dern delivers a performance that I can only describe as “transcendent”. I agree with David Lynch and his cow – she 110% deserved an Oscar for this one. So did the sound design, which, like most Lynch movies, will shake you to your core. The use of digital video (and the cinematography in general, in my opinion) is simultaneously way ahead of and totally behind its time, creating the sense that this movie was shot to earth from another dimension, like a cursed objet d’art that will tear any sense of sanity to shreds the moment you lay hands on it – it’s basically the VHS from The Ring, but in mini dv format. And you actually found it in real life. And you were stupid enough to watch it knowing full well it would destroy every last one of your brain cells and leave you a shell of your former self. But it was all worthwhile!

An Inland Empire viewing experience is an all-encompassing one – in my opinion, that’s exactly what a great movie-going experience, horror or otherwise, should be. It manages to suck you into this nightmarish world that could accurately be described as “David Lynch Plus” and keep you there for hours (or maybe even days) after the movie’s final credits have rolled. Speaking of which – the credits sequence! Truly unforgettable and sick as hell! I generally love a weirdo dance moment, so capping off an insane feature like this one with such a thing is perfection in my eyes. So here it is, for your consideration, Inland Empire for Greatest Horror Movie Of All Time (In My Personal And Admittedly Unpopular Opinion). Watch it! Feel something!”

Death Trip is available now On Digital from Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight:


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