20 Years of Fear with FrightFest’s Paul McEvoy

FrightFest 2020


FrightFest 2020 is now well underway and always the audience has been enjoying every minute, taking to social media to share their views on screenings they have seen.

Over this long weekend the team will broadcast twenty-five films, including seven world premieres and sixteen UK premieres.

There’s no doubt that all of those involved in organising the online event would have preferred it another way – to be able to bring their faithful film loving crowd together to bask in the atmosphere at the UK’s premiere horror festival.

But if nothing else, this test has shown quite irrefutably that FrightFest is capable of overcoming any challenge that comes its way.

Five questions for the founders

In our fourth and final interview with the founders of FrightFest we talk to television and film producer, Paul McEvoy.

Paul has been at the heart of FrightFest from the very start, working hard with his colleagues to secure a plethora of exclusive screenings and live appearances. It is this hard work and determination that has brought the festival to the forefront of the horror scene.

Paul McEvoy FrightFest

How will the four founders celebrate reaching 20 fantastic years of FrightFest?

I will be watching and enjoying a host of the films we have selected over the weekend with a small group of friends..interacting as much as possible with everyone on our lively social media channels..i can’t wait to see the pictures of our FrightFest Family from all over the country at home enjoying our exciting line-up.

Did you guys ever doubt that you could keep FrightFest going?

I never doubted that we could keep building things bigger and better each year..(well, maybe occasionally).. But this years events proved an understandable enormous challenge, that I think we have overcome with the creation of the online event. The FF community is so strong, passionate and incredibly loyal – we felt we had to do something to celebrate our traditional August Bank Holiday dates.

What have been the most terrifying films to grace the FrightFest screens?

So many to choose from… But just a few memorable ones would be.. Audition / The Orphanage / Martyrs / Inside / Sinister / Kill List and many, many more..

And what is your most memorable FF moment from the last 20 years?

Again a long list of treasured moments ..but our dear dear departed great friend George Romero on stage at the Odeon always brings a tear to my eye. I know that Ian will almost certainly select the same…

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