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Genre expert Paul McEvoy and award-winning film director Tom Lawes, owner of Electric Cinema Birmingham & Electric Flix, have teamed up to launch BACKLIGHT CONSULTING, a specialist agency providing a range of services to support the international film industry, focusing on film production (from script pitch to distribution), exhibition and film festival strategy and start-ups.Read More

Interview with Frightfest’s Paul McEvoy

Frightfest 2012 (or ‘Frightfest the 13th’ as it’s also known) is but a matter of days away. As ever, Love Horror HQ is buzzing with excitement about it, so to pacify our (and our reader’s) ravenous appetites for Frightfest thrills, we caught up with one of the co-founders of this world renowned horror event – […]Read More

LoveHorror at FrightFest 2010 – Day 1/Part 1

Thursday 27th of August and as the rain fell on Leicester Square the darkness and drizzle did nothing to dampen the spirits of the spook loving cinematic supporters gathered for the opening of FrightFest 2010. The venue for this five day horror event, the Empire Cinema Leicester Square, was lit up like a serial killer […]Read More