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ScreenHits TV is a new app allowing consumers to manage all their streaming subscriptions, AVOD and Live Channels in one easy to use place. CEO of ScreenHits TV, Rose Adkins Hulse took time out of her extremely busy schedule to chat to us about the app and more importantly her favourite horror film.

Rose Adkins Hulse has spent the last ten years building brands and businesses in the areas of global entertainment and distribution in both traditional and digital formats. It is her unyielding drive as an American born, African-American, Ex-pat living in London that has made her a start-up force and example in the global marketplace. Having worked for such noted organizations as The Hollywood Reporter, NBC Universal, The Sundance Institute and her brand, The Adkins Group, Rose has taken her experiences in sales, marketing and production and crafted a start-up focusing on programming distribution for worldwide content creators as well as unique and highly curated platforms for consumer content consumption and aggregation.

She views the world as a series of experiences that make the world a vastly smaller place today, thanks to social media, digital technology and distribution. ScreenHits allows producers, global broadcasters and distributors to not only engage in sales of programming during markets (MIP-Com, MIPTV, Cannes, AFM, Banff) but provides research and curation for major broadcasters seeking to fill programming gaps. She and her team have also created an interface for consumers to build their own curated, on-demand streaming service incorporating all of their favourite streaming platforms.

Rose resides in London, loves the weather (even though she is from Santa Monica, CA), enjoys her time traveling the English Countryside and a vivacious risk-taker. Rose has spoken at various enclaves including MIP and Digital Hollywood. She is married to George Hulse and they have two daughters and a dog.

ScreenHits TV is a game changer for online entertainment and what we’ve all been waiting for, especially now TV streaming demand is at an all-time high and there are so many streaming platforms available. This is also perfect for the technophobes as it simplifies everything and streamlines managing the financial side and all your subs on one page. It is free to integrate your existing streaming subscriptions and there are extra upgradable options.

Consumers can now easily see what is trending, share recommendations with friends and manage their favourite content across ALL their subscriptions and content channels, in a simple, easy to use traditional EPG (TV Guide) with key cost saving benefits.

The new ScreenHits TV app will allow existing subscribers to the leading streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Starz, HBO Streaming Services, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, BFI Player, MUBI, The Criterion Channel, Eurosport, HayU, Shudder, Kidoodle the ability to integrate their existing streaming platforms for FREE and watch Live premium TV channels and 1000s of shows and films with plans starting as low as £1.99/month. However, the first 100,000 users who register their interest by 30th May will receive a FREE annual subscription of their choice with one of ScreenHits’ content partners. Consumers will also be able to bundle and save more than 25% with some of the leading premium OTT streaming platforms.

The new app provides consumers with increased transparency and control over how they manage their subscriptions all in one place. The ScreenHits TV app launched at the end of May 2020 in selected territories will be available on Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple Store, Google Chrome, Android and desktop.

ScreenHits TV provides a seamless streaming experience all from a single interface. It also allows for friends to share videos with each other and creates a carousel on their homepage to easily click and view the show they are interested in watching with the first episode FREE. The platform will also have premium live channels available to their customers later in the year.

CEO of ScreenHits TV, Rose Adkins Hulse said: “With hundreds of streaming services available, the consumer has too much choice and often gets lost in the vast array of content, creating subscription fatigue and content overload. The new app helps to streamline the viewing experience and unlike traditional cable solutions, customers can curate their channels and subscriptions, thus only paying for channels they actually want to watch versus contributing monthly to the channels they never watch.”

Below Rose Adkins Hulse, CEO, ScreenHits TV talks about her favourite horror film:


“Horror films played a real part of my teenage years but I have to admit that the older I have become my tastes have somewhat changed. Maybe I have lost my nerve…..

The last horror film that I watched was the remake of Halloween (2007) which starred my dear friend Kristina Klebe who played the role of Lynda Van der Klok. Did I enjoy it? Let’s just say that it kept me up for a couple of nights and took me back to those halcyon teenage years when you stayed up late with a bunch of friends and watched the classic slasher films from the seventies and early eighties. Chucky, Friday 13th, Halloween. Happy memories, I am not sure but certainly ones that still burn bright.

The first “horror” that I ever watched and the one that still burns in my memory was the cult “slasher” movie Sleepaway Camp which all of you aficionados will know was directed by Robert Hiltzik and made in 1983. I suppose it must have been around 1990 and ironically enough I was on my first sleep away camp in the Californian mountains. The combination of the plot, that I was away from home for the first time and actually watching it in a “sleepaway” camp kept me up that night and for many a long night after…

Maybe love is too strong a word but I was completely mesmorised, albeit terrified by Poltergeist which of course was one of Spielberg’s first hit movies. The quality of the acting, the seeming normality of a young American family moving to their dream home, only to be subjected to an absolute nightmare scenario made the film feel so real yet so utterly terrifying.. Great horror films have that ability to bring you into the story and make you believe in the unbelievable. Only a few days ago I suggested to my husband that we should take a trip down memory lane and watch it again (I have watched it many times). Needless to say he was too scared….

One great thing about ScreenHits TV is you can finally track all the great horror in one place – Sleepaway Camp, Poltergeist etc will no longer be hidden away in the vastness of the net, ScreenHits TV will help all of you horror lovers to easily locate all of those great flicks from all of the apps in one place.”

For more info visit:
Twitter: @ScreenHits
Instagram: @ScreenHitsTV
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