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Horror Favourites – Rose Adkins Hulse

ScreenHits TV is a new app allowing consumers to manage all their streaming subscriptions, AVOD and Live Channels in one easy to use place. CEO of ScreenHits TV, Rose Adkins Hulse took time out of her extremely busy schedule to chat to us about the app and more importantly her favourite horror film.Read More


We’re back from summer break and taking a look at Disney’s Treasure Planet, one of the final traditional hand-animated blockbusters from the mouse house, that flopped pretty badly, but is an entertaining (ish) ride.Read More

Crowdfunding for Sci-Fi drama Our Song begins

Echoes of the Passed (2017) director, Scott Lyus has recently launched his latest, Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund for his upcoming, sci-fi drama, ‘Our Song’. The poignant short tackles the hard-hitting and very real subject of dementia within a genre context. We are pleased to unveil, Crossroad Pictures press release for the film. Keep your eyes […]Read More

The Unseen takes on Disney in the clash for UK

Gary Sinyor, director of critically acclaimed The Unseen, has taken the unusual step of taking out an advertisement in this week’s Guardian newspaper asking Disney CEO Bob Iger to release one cinema screen in Central London so he can show his British film.Read More