Unrestricted Views from Bob Pipe director of The Baby’s Crying’ and Turn Left

The amazing Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival is back for its second year, running from the 30th October to the 5th November, and so is our Unrestricted Views bringing you an insight to the people behind the fantastic fright fest of films on show.

Below we talk to Bob Pipe director of The Baby’s Crying’ and Turn Left which screens on the 5th of October at 2pm and 4pm. Get your tickets HERE

Love Horror: Tell us about your film?
I have two shorts in this year’s UVHF – or microhorrors as I like to call them; ‘The Baby’s Crying’ and ‘Turn Left’. Turn Left’ is about a haunted SatNav & ‘The Baby’s Crying’ is about the fear becoming a parent.

Love Horror: How did you get into making horror movies?
I’ve been predominantly making comedy but I’ve always loved Horror. I dipped my toe into the horror genre with my previous film ‘The Monster’ (2015, commissioned by Film London, available on Amazon Prime) – it was a long arduous undertaking and I just wanted to make some (very) short films which I could film in a day in one location (with my good mate & DOP par excellence Ben Pollard). I was inspired by ‘Lights Out’ – which is a short horror film that went viral a few years ago. Also, I guess it’s cathartic – sharing your fears on films.

Love Horror: What is your view on horror in 2017 and how would you change it?
Good, I think. I mean we’re not living through a golden age (like the 80s) but there are lots of interesting horror films being released (like ‘Get Out’, ‘It Follows’, ‘The Shape in the Water’). I really loved last year’s action-packed ‘Train to Busan’. Also my friends from the comedy world are all making horrors too – check out ‘The Ghoul’, ‘Prevenge’ and ‘Aaaaaaaah!’ There must be something in the water.

Love Horror: What is your favourite horror film and why?
I’d say ‘American Werewolf in London’ as it masterly blends horror with comedy and all number of different genres. I especially love the dream within dreams sequences and Griffin Dunne as David’s zombie best mate – why is he not in more films? Two other favourites are ‘The Wicker Man’ and John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’.

Love Horror: If Hollywood came knocking and gave you anything you wanted what movie would you make and who would it star?
I really want to make my short ‘The Monster’ into a feature – in fact I’ve just finished the first draft and we’re going to start looking for funding next year. Watch this space. I also want to re-make ‘Halloween 3’ – the one without Michael Myers.

The Baby’s Crying’ and Turn Left which both screen at the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival on the 5th of October at 2pm and 4pm..
Read more about the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival and buy tickets at www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/


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