Cube (1997) Review

CubeWith one of the best openings in horror, Cube sets its scene straight away, after plunging six strangers into a surreal science fiction prison with seemingly no means of escape.

With no explanation or memory of how they got there, the mismatched bunch realise that they must work together to attempt to get themselves out of the seemingly endless cubic maze filled with terrifying traps.
But as personalities clash, secrets are revealed and it appears that the Cube might not be the most dangerous thing they face.

Kafkaesque in its creation, the simple set up and the brilliant setting gives the film its pure power and fear as the audience is forced to contemplate what they would do if stuck in the same terrifying situation.


A cult classic as soon as it came out, the director Vincenzo Natali amps up the tension throughout, making the movie tremendously claustrophobic not just because of the brilliant cubic set (which he films in many innovative ways) but due to the cast, whose bickering and distrust increase the atmosphere throughout.


Filled with relative unknowns, the actors do a great job. This is important as without an attachment to the characters, the perils and trials they face in the Cube would be meaningless and emotionally unmoving.

Made on a relatively low budget, the film looks great and even better with its Blu-Ray transfer, with the lethal booby traps brilliantly realised with some great special effects.

From its creepy and horrific opening to its climatic close Cube is a science fiction horror film that delivers, both from beginning to end. It also reveals a lot about humanity and the loss of it in certain situations. And it’s with this highly original idea and starkly scary set up it’s a must see for sci-horror fans.

Cube Cube

I also guarantee that once you’ve seen Cube you wont be able to watch the ITV game show in the same was again. You’ll be imagining how much more fun it would be watching the dumb contestants try and escape some of the nasty traps from the movie.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



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