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Turning up the heat on 247°F

The horrors, thrills and perils of Frozen are taken to the opposite extreme, and the heat is most definitely ‘on’ as a trio of trim, toned twenty-somethings are trapped in a sauna in new release, 247°F.Read More

Claustrofobia (2011) Review

A serial killer thriller straight from the Netherlands, Claustrofobia opens with a young boy and girl sneaking into a creepy abandoned hospital. Entering the mortuary the girl dares the shy boy to lie in one of the sealed chambers, recently occupied by the dead, in exchange for a kiss.Read More

Santa Sangre (1989) Review

Holy blood is the literal translation Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1989 Mexican-Italian epic surreal slasher which serves up a grotesque and beautiful barrage or images which craft the movie into a nightmarish ride through the life of the central protagonist Fenix.Read More

Southern Comfort (1981) Review

As one of my favorite non horror directors I was extremely happy when I heard Walter Hill’s Southern Comfort was being released on Blu-Ray. Not only is it an action thriller (therefore justifiably in the remit of this wonderful site) it is also one of the only films of his that I hadn’t seen.Read More

Cube (1997) Review

With one of the best openings in horror, Cube sets its scene straight away, after plunging six strangers into a surreal science fiction prison with seemingly no means of escape.Read More