ACCOUNTABLE at FrightFest 2017

For Warren Matthews, day to day life is not as it should be. It’s not a life of social interaction, progression, and satisfaction – it’s instead reluctance, bitterness, and volatility. His place of work provides nothing but a reminder of his lack of social acceptance and his inherent confrontational nature.

Warren butts up against Greg Halloran, a better put together colleague that appears to achieve where Warren fails. Their escalating spat turns physical, causing Warren to depart the company in clearly underhand circumstances. This doesn’t sit well with Warren, his mental agitation and reluctance to accept what happened culminates in him committing a remorseless act of violence against his ex-colleague. That act transpires to be the catalyst that sets Warren toward a crossroads.

Warren decides action is required. Reluctantly knowing he can’t achieve his desired conclusion alone, Warren turns to a local psychiatrist to aid him in facing and overcoming events both past and present. Dr. Arnold Becker is the man tasked with guiding the unstable Warren in a direction that one day should ideally bring stability and acceptance where there is currently anguish and avoidance.

“ACCOUNTABLE is a dark story of revenge, anger, solitude and ultimately progression.” Sas directot Matthew Heaven “It’s rough around the edges, it’s certainly far from perfect – but for what it cost, yeah… I’m proud.”

The World Premiere of ACCOUNTABLE takes place at FrightFest 2017 FRIDAY 25TH AUGUST. Get your tickets HERE and watch the trailer below:


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