KNUCKLEBONES at FrightFest 2016

imgresGet ready for Knucklebones baby!

After suffering a near-death experience, Neesa Avery has literally been to Hell and back. When her group of friends discover an ancient dice game hidden in an abandoned factory, left behind during WWII, they unleash the powerful demon Knucklebones.

The demon is hell bentontaking them out one by one. The kids attempt to banish the demon with the help of a local vagrant, who had a previous run-in with the demon,further explains the rules of the dice game. As the kids attempt to finish the “game” it becomes clear Knucklebones has special plans for Neesa. Having met her briefly in Hell, he is saving her for last.

Below is the trailer and you can buy your tickets for the FrightFest screening Here


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He literally eats, sleeps and excretes horror news.

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