Pics and Hilarious Comedy Clip for Soldiers of the Damned

8Viking Film and Blackdog productions have released a promotional clip to celebrate horror film Soldiers of the Damned. It screens today (February 7th) at the European Film Market, Berlin Film Festival.

The clip is a brilliant parody of the bunker scene from Downfall which went viral after people started swapping the subtitles for Hitler’s epic meltdown for all sorts of other things.

Hitler gets wind of ‘Soldiers of the Damned’ (2015)

The feature, set on the Eastern front in 1944, follows Major Kurt Fleischer, (Gil Darnell), war-weary commander of an elite troop of German soldiers, after he is ordered to escort a female scientist (Miriam Cooke) into a mysterious forest behind enemy lines to retrieve an ancient relic. As his men begin to disappear in strange circumstances Fleischer realises that the scientist is part of the Nazis’ occult department and there is something in the forest that is far more deadly than the Russians.

Check out these pictures from the movie:


The film also stars Lucas Hansen (The Human Centipede 2) and Nicky Bell (Awaydays) and marks the debut feature for T.V., commercial and music video director, Mark Nuttall. Nigel Horne’s production company, Viking Film (The Wedding Tackle), co-produced along with Blackdog’s, Stephen Rigg, (producer of the award winning short “Fizzy Days”) from Horne’s original screenplay.

Check out the official trailer for Soldiers of the Damned below


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