Until Dawn a ‘Playable Horror Movie’?

It’s a big claim. One of the latest horror games on the PS4 is luring in customers claiming that it’s so good that it’s the closest thing to a ‘playable horror movie’.

News site The Examiner recently reported on the forthcoming release by game development company Supermassive Games.
It’s won’t be the first scary console game, but Jez Harris, one of the developers at the firm reported on the company blog that they’ve gone to great lengths to make this game stand out from the crowd.

until dawn

Until Dawn takes inspiration from horror films such as The Innkeepers and Stakeland and will use common techniques used in the horror film industry. Harris explained “We want to make you feel like you know what’s going on and that you’re in your comfort zone. Then we can yank you out of it extremely hard as the twists and turns play out,”

You can watch the game trailer here:

The release of Until Dawn is expected in the second half of 2015.


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