Devil’s Tower (2014) Review

This isn’t the first time a horror film has been set in a Tower Block.

Some might believe that the first film to devils tower 2014be set in a such a location was REC (2008) but other films seen as starting the suburban terror genre are The Lift (1983) and Demons 2 (1986). Recently we’ve seen Attack The Block (2011), Tower Block and The Raid (2011) and it’s sequel The Raid 2 (2014).
But, at least Devil’s Tower isn’t yet another found footage film!

The film begins with Sarah (Roxanne Pallett), who at 18 has been forced out of the family home by her mother (Frances Ruffelle), who blames Sarah for the death of Sarah’s father. Sarah manages to do what thousands of other teenagers can’t do in life and secures herself a flat which is such an absolute hole, that I wouldn’t even place my worst enemy in it. And I’m evil.

Albion Court, is full of squatters and the caretaker Carnacki (Eddie Webber) appears to have ideas above his station. He likes to boss the residents around. His mood changes frequently, nice on one occasion, completely nasty and uncaring the next.
Sarah soon learns that her flat is referred to as ‘the murder flat’ and this doesn’t help her to settle in by any means.
As the film progresses Sarah encounters demons in physical and mental form and things take a turn for the worst when zombies are manifested by the spirit who inhabits the block. Will Sarah live to tell the tale or will she end up back on Emmerdale, eating humble pie? All will be revealed if you part with your hard earned cash and buy the DVD.

devils tower

Devil’s Tower was quite entertaining and I felt that the characters within were allowed enough space to flourish. This is important in a film and I actually began to warm to Sarah’s character as time passed.
Sarah’s mum was evil making it easy for the audience to despise her – a sign of effective acting – but I wouldn’t expect any less from a seasoned performer who has treaded the boards at the West End. Even the appearance of Jason Mewes as Sid didn’t harm the picture in and whilst he won’t win an Oscar for his performance, he is quite amusing and you can see a genuine chemistry develop between him and Roxanne Pallett.

devils tower

Director Owen Tooth has done a very good job with a relatively small budget and I can see the film gaining some kind of cult status over the years. He has managed to combine elements of all the things that young men and women love about the horror genre: blood, gore, sex and comedy.
This is not an easy task to achieve, believe me. Others have tried before and failed miserably. I won’t name names as I don’t want to pour shame on those responsible.
I can’t compare Devil’s Tower to any of the films I mentioned at the beginning of my review, as they are all unique in their own ways and Devil’s Tower is unique too.

This film would find favour with fans of comedy horror and to those who like to see a fair amount of sexual scenes and half naked bodies on screen, as this film delivers it in spades. I am looking forward to Owen Tooth’s next feature length movie and after you watch Devil’s Tower, I believe you will too.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 



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