Eli Roth to Direct ‘Knock Knock’

It has been reported that Eli Roth has agreed to direct a new horror film entitled ‘Knock Knock‘.Eli Roth Knock Knock

According to The Belfast Telegraph, the film will see him working with Nicolas Lopez and Guillermo Amodeo to co-write and co-produce Knock Knock after previously working with them on the 2012 film, Aftershock.

It will be the first horror that Roth has directed since Hostel II back in 2007, so the news has caused quite a buzz on the web, with fans eager to see what scary tricks he’ll have up his sleeve.
He’s currently producing the second series of Hemlock Grove for Netflix.

As for Knock Knock, details are sketchy, but it the word on the web is that the plot involves two young girls showing up unexpectedly at the home of a married man. After seducing him, they go on to terrorise his ‘perfect’ life. How sick and twisted this terrorising will be, we’ll leave you to imagine.

Shooting for Knock Knock is set to start in April.


Tom Atkinson

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