Zombie Flesh Eaters Restored for Blu-ray

If you’re still not sure what to ask Santa for this Christmas, then this exciting news will save you hours of deliberating.

On Monday 3rd December, Arrow Video are zombie flesh eatersreleasing a painstakingly restored version of Lucio Fulci’s horror masterpiece Zombie Flesh Eaters on Blu-ray, DVD and Limited Edition Steelbook.

Contraversial for its no holds barred gore, Zombie Flesh Eaters (also known as Zombi 2, Zombie, Island of the Living Dead and Zombie Island,) pushed the boundaries of the zombie genre and despite being massively popular, it was banned in several countries, including the UK.

And at Love Horror we love it so much that it has taken the number one spot in our Top 10 Zombie Films. It’s about time that we gave it an extensive review, and it’s time that you did too. Particularly as it comes with a bunch of special features, additional collector’s material, and never-before-seen extras including:

  • optional English / Italian opening titles
  • a UK exclusive introduction to the film from lead actor Ian McCulloch
  • a number of brand new featurettes.

We’ll keep you posted.


Tom Atkinson

Tom is one of the editors at Love Horror. He has been watching horror for a worryingly long time, starting on the Universal Monsters and progressing through the Carpenter classics. He has a soft-spot for eighties horror.More

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