13th Hour Horror Festival – Fright Diary – Entry 1

Mr T FrightMr. T Fright Here. I’m pleased that Love horror have allowed me to take over their page. I say allow. I forced them to and very few earth dwellers can withstand my power. They have let me post up my musings, rantings and monstrous machinations on all that is going on at the 13th Hour Horror Festival. This is the first of many many posts so be warned!

Anyway, my office is still being built. It angers me that human beings are so slow. If we were at home I could have a minion knock out an office in a matter of minute. (sigh) Home. The dark pits of the underworld. I miss the molten hatred that flows freely from the mounds of lost souls scattered around the corridors. It’s cold in London. Nothing is molten! The Leicester Square Theatre is a strange place. Here these puny earth-beings lollop about, rushing around talking about thing I don’t care about about. Like Charlie Bond. What is a Charlie Bond and why do I care that this thing has been in a ‘film’ called ‘Strippers vs Werewolves’.? Why does it matter to me that she shall be appearing in a production of Dracula in the coming week?

Though I did manage to sneak a look, undetected at the rehearsal space and I must say, things are starting to look much more hellish, which makes me feel happier. Its only a matter of time before hoards of people shall be at my mercy. If only I had my office, then portal could finally re-open and domination could begin. For now, plans to take over the Earth are on hold until I am in possession of a desk.


Mr. Fright.

13th Hour Horror Festival


Mr T. Fright

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