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Socky Horror Show Trailer

Fresh from their 5th hit year at Edinburgh, the Socks present their brand new Socky Horror Show to the 13th Hour Horror Festival with goolies, vampires, zombies plus the usual songs, socks and violence.Read More

In The Gloaming Podcast Archive

The 13th Hour Horror Festival is getting set to bring the acclaimed live show based on the award-winning horror-comedy podcasts In The Gloaming to the stage. So we thought we should bring you a taste of what they are all about.Read More

Interview with Andrew Lee Potts for Dracula

As the 13th Hour Horror Festival keeps the scares coming, we talked to actor Andrew Lee Potts about his role in Dracula, Primevil and his other projects coming soon. This includes directing and plenty more acting – boy is he busy! Along the way he also tells us about fighting dinosaurs, fighting vampires and X Factor (not fighting […]Read More

Interview with Colin Hoult for The Real Horror Show

With the 13th Hour Horror Festival risen and terrorizing the Lecister Square Theatre as we speak we got a chance to talk to the man responsible for one of the most spooktecular shows on the stage Colin Hoult who told us all about The Real Horror Show, real horror and Being Human. How did you get […]Read More