Crying Wolf set for 2013 release

Shooting for a new UK werewolf film has wrapped, allowing the village in which it’s set to return to normal.

For two weeks the residents of Deddington were Crying Wolf horrorsurrounded by cameras, crew and more worryingly, werewolves as the village was the prime location for Crying Wolf, co-written and directed by Deddington resident and film-maker Tony Jopia.

“It’s been a tremendous fortnight’s filming and the rushes look fantastic. We’re so excited about it,” said Jopia.

“The story is about the antics of a group of young locals in a Cotswolds village who become werewolves after one of them is bitten.”

“It’s a very wacky, crazy comedy very much in the style of Hammer Horror, Benny Hill and the old Ealing comedies – lots of Britishness! We filmed it in Deddington and on a farm in Duns Tew.”

Crying Wolf is an indie success story in the making as the film was commissioned after a distribution company saw a ten-minute taster last summer. They soon secured options on the feature-length Crying Wolf script and intend to give it worldwide distribution rights.

The cast includes include former Bond girl Caroline Munro, Gary Martin (the voice of the Honey Monster and veteran of many US horror films) and boxer-turned-actor Joe Egan, a favourite of Guy Ritchie.

The film is chalked for a February release.

Source: Banbury Guardian


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