The Prey Competition

The Prey is a gripping French thriller that’s out on DVD this week.

Albert Dupontel (Avenue Montaigne, The PreyA Very Long Engagement) plays Frank Adrien serving a prison sentence for robbing a bank to pay for the specialised care his daughter requires. Only he knows where the money is, which pleases neither his wife (Caterina Murino: Casino Royale) nor former partner (Olivier Schneider: Unknown) who is also locked up in prison. In fact, the only person Frank confides in is his cellmate Jean-Louis Maurel (Stephane Debac: The Happening), a suspected rapist and child molester. Maurel claims his innocence and the court finds him not guilty.

When released, Maurel uses everything Frank told him against him and accuses him of being responsible for the series of murders he truly committed. It is only then that Frank learns form a disfigured ex-cop (Sergi Lopez: Leaving) that he was actually sharing his cell with a serial killer and that Frank’s family and hidden fortune are now in jeopardy.

Forced to run out of prison to save both his daughter and his identity, Frank races across France to stop Maurel with Detective Claire Linne (Alice Taglioni: The Valet) on his chase. A brutal manhunt results in the mountains and forests of eastern France. At every turn, the hunter is just one step away from becoming the hunted.

The Prey

To celebrate the release, we have three copies of the Region 2 DVD to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, just answer the following question:


They Prey is set it which country?

a. Belgium
b. Germany
c. France

They Prey is out out now on DVD.



There is little that gets between Gremlin and a good news story. Except perhaps a late night snack followed by a dip in the pool.

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